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BPA J&J Architecture offers investors comprehensive design services in the field of analyses and studies, process design, supervision and construction experts share copyright verification (verified) projects in the field of health, fire protection and health and safety at work.

The scope of the analyses and studies include:

  • Pre-project analysis and studies
  • Study of programmatically-spatial object

The development of projects, which include:

  • A comprehensive, general merchandise concepts programmatically-spatial
  • Cross-Project
  • Cross-Detailed Design
  • Overall Design Of Interior

Authorial supervision:

  • Authorial supervision is exercised by the authors of the project documentation in any industry, under construction

Consultation and review of the project by construction experts:

  • Participation of experts in terms of health, fire protections. and health and safety at work in the development of a construction project and Executive Project
  • Comprehensive verification (checking) investment construction project phase documentation and Executive Project

Team Authoring has a large experience in the design of the following objects:

  • buildings with Office and banking functions
  • objects with hotel functions
  • objects and functions-services
  • teams and housing buildings, especially the type of apartment and residential

BPA J&J works with recognised scientific - research institutions and leading experts in the field of construction, implementation of new technology, economics and ecology, it also works with universities on the architectural and artistic profile. In his office provides students with vocational apprenticeships.

BPA J&J has the knowledge and proven experience in the design of high-rise buildings. Construction height was and is a priority in all activities and investment project authors.

Each commissioned BPA J&J project is a challenge to the authors. Determines their full commitment to guarantee the high quality of the project.

arch. Jerzy Janczak
arch. Jerzy Skrzypczak